Adding photos to your blog

Image by Kim Cathers

Like the old adage says:

A picture is worth a thousand words’

A single image can engage the eye, capture your attention, illustrate a point or even convey a complex idea.

I love to look at photographs and knew I wanted to incorporate them into my blog. But not being Annie Leibovitz, this meant I had to use another source for my photo opportunities.

Luckily there’s Flickr, a vast repository of photos (and videos), where, as many of the photographers are willing to share their pictures, you can search for just the right image to use in your post.

Once you understand how and why, it’s simple to check on the rights the owner has reserved on the photo and whether and how you’re licensed to use it.

Also once you understand how to upload the photo to your blog and correctly link it, it’s also an easy process.

However, I have to say I did spend some time working out what I was allowed to do and then how to do it.

Hopefully my (very first) screencast ‘how to’, will help to make the same process more gain than pain for fellow blog beginners.

How to add a picture to your WordPress post

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