Loads to Learn


Well, I’ve started the (load2) learning journey and find I’m veering madly between: excitement and elation that I’ve learnt something new and I’ve been able to do it; and fear that there’s something new to learn and do….

At the moment I’m in the thrilled zone. I’ve just published my first blog!

Having first ummed and ahhed about which blog theme to use (so many choices for someone with so little knowledge), I’m now doing the same about the content.

Anyway, as a starting point I’ve decided to begin with the idea of a notebook to record my experiences on the new technology I’m learning about/using as the 2learning journey progresses, and hopefully for the inclusion of some tips about anything extra I pick up along the way.

It’s certainly been a career up a steep learning curve so far, but here’s to being able to write a ‘wish you were here’ when we finally arrive…

Image by trioptikmal

2 thoughts on “Loads to Learn

  1. First post is looking pretty good there! The pace of #itr12 has been pretty hectic, I think because I got my sign-up details late it didn’t help (they had gone into a spam folder!). I’m just hoping that this 4 week module gives me time to get caught up!

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